Salt Glow Body Treatment

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Salt glow scrub is the most common body treatment in different spas. Its main purpose is to exfoliate your skin. A salt glow body treatment session also hydrates your skin. This is because the scrub is usually mixed with oil and aromatic ingredients such as lemon, lavender or figs. Some spa may use a different kind of scrub but the effects may be the same.


salt glow - body scrub


What Happens During A Salt Glow

salt glow - spa


Depending on the spa, you may be asked to lie down on a wet table. Other spas are doing salt glow body treatments while their clients are lying on a table covered with towels or a sheet of plastic. They may offer a pair of disposable underwear. While laying on your stomach, the spa therapist will rub sea salt, oil and scents into your skin.


After they apply the mixture on your back, you turn over so the therapist can rub the same scrub solution on the other side. The only skin that will be exposed are those that is being worked on. The rest would be covered by a tower or a sheet clothing.


salt glow - shower


When the therapist is finished, you will be asked to rinse in the shower. Do not use a shower gel. It would be a waste to take the oil and aromatics off your skin that fast. In some spa, the therapist would be the one to rinse you while lying on a wet table. It feels better than taking a shower by yourself.


salt glow - massage


Salt scrubs are often the first step before a seaweed or a mud wrap. It is because the body has to be exfoliated so that it will be prepared for the detoxification brought by algae and seaweed. You can also combine the salt grow body treatment to a massage. Be mindful that the texture of the scrub is rough. This can harm your skin specially if the hands of your therapist is too heavy. If you feel some hurting on the first touch, speak up to avoid damage to your skin.

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