Essential Accessories Every Woman Must Have

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Women wanted to wear the best appearance that they could with all the clothes in their wardrobe. But it isn’t just the dress that brings out the most irresistible beauty from within. To look at her best, every woman must have a set of accessories prepared for different scenarios. Such fashion items should be flexible enough to complement a wide range of wearables, makeup and events. Here are essential accessories that you should not forget to include in your beloved collection.


A Pair of High-Heeled Closed Pumps


essential accessories - high-heeled pumps


Including a pair of high-heels to your wardrobe is a big step to looking great. Be sure that its color matches the rest of your clothes. A black pair of closed pumps would be great as it complements with a wide range of size, style and design. This is a good combination to a cocktail dress. Pair it up with jeans and see how it converts the outfit to a fashionable ensemble.


Silver Earrings




If you are looking for an accessory that suits a more feminine facade, go for a pair of silver earrings. Hoops can be your favorite day to day wearable. It looks good with a wide range of hairstyles and clothing choice. Plus, this kind of earrings appeals to most guys.


Black Wrap


essential accessories - black wrap


There are plenty of reasons why you need a black wrap around you. In some occasions, the coldness of weather or an obvious stain on your cocktail dress may need some remedy. A wearable black jacket will be your savior but it has to be sleek and versatile.


Colored Scarf


essential accessories - scarf


Scarf can be used in a variety of reasons. Whether it is to shield you from the cold weather or you just want to stylize, you just need to be very picky with pattern and color. This fashion accessory makes a plain shirt look fab and a boring pair of jeans explode with striking impressions. There are plenty of ways to wear a scarf. It can be knotted, tucked or wrapped.


The Bold Bag


essential accessories - handbag


Some girls can’t live without an over-sized handbag tagging along. As it has a lot of use apart from being chic, this accessory is indeed a must-have for every women. Its appearance can either make a good impact or a horrible impression. This is why you need to be careful on picking the right color, style and size. An over-sized handbag is suitable to a wide range of color and look. Be sure to make a safe but trendy choice for a wonderful fashion statement.


Belts are essential accessories too…


essential accessories - belts


A thin and a thick belt in your huge fashion compartment won’t hurt. In fact, these will help you out in a number of ways. Belts are stylish and sexy. Apart from its beautiful nature, they help accentuate both waist and personality of an outfit. So buckle up and be more fashionable with this essential accessory.


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