Benefits Of Sea Salt Glow Treatment

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A sea salt glow treatment has many benefits apart from the awesome spa experience. Whether you availed for this treat in a luxurious spa or applied it on your own at home, the effects are obvious and worth it. From health, looks and skin care, there are plenty of amazing goodness in this relaxing therapy.




sea salt glow - exfoliate


The main benefit of salt scrub treatments is exfoliation. The same goes with sea salt glow treatment. The therapist will scrub your skin with an abrasive ingredient which is the sea salt. Aromatics such as lavender, chamomile and lemon are added by spa for a relaxing feel. The whole process leaves the skin cleansed and silky smooth. Exfoliation also eases the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis. Many health institutions recommend the use of sea salt glow to reduce itching and inflammation brought by skin diseases.






Compared to a regular scrub, sea salt grow contributes a lot to detoxification. It helps draw the toxins away from your body promoting a healthier blood circulation. This leads to growth of new skin cells, rewarding your appearance with a beautiful glow. According to researches, the sea salt glow treatment stimulates your liver and adrenal glands to pump out body toxins. It means that with this kind of spa service, you can boost your immune system while staying beautiful.




sea salt glow - hydrate


Ashamed of dry skin? Sea salt provides the necessary minerals and hydration needed by your skin. In some cases where an ordinary lotion is not enough, the sea salt glow treatment can compensate. Essential oils are also applied by many spa houses together with the salt scrub. There is no way that your skin can go dry because of this ultimate moisturizer.


Aromatherapy Benefits of Sea Salt Glow


sea salt glow - aromatherapy


Natural essential oils are usually blended on sea salt scrubs. They stimulate your senses, revive your mood and help you relax. The de-stressing benefits of sea salt glow is over the top giving you calming and deep relaxation. A week of heavy workload and traffic has to be shaken away with an aromatic and healthy spa treatment.

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