An honest step-by step guide to doing your makeup on date night

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  • Eye shadow primer- The primer makes the skin smooth and even. Coat your eyelids with the primer before applying eye shadows so that they stay put in the place.
  • Eye shadow- Choose your colours that complements the dress you are wearing for the date night. You can go for nude, smoky, or colourful shadows.
  • Eyeliner- The liners bright up the eyes and if your eyes are the best feature then highlight it with bold colours. Don’t just stick to black, you can also opt for brown, green, blue, and other shades.
  • Colour serum- By applying colour serum you can get the complexion you want. You can tone down your colour as well as lighten it.
  • Face primer- It smoothens your skin so that your makeup, liners and gloss stays longer.
  • Foundation- It gives an even tone and makes your skin look brighter and better.
  • Shimmer highlight- Take soft, smooth and a fine brush, and apply the highlighter to your cheekbones to make a soft glow.
  • Brow pencil- Highlight your eyebrows, but don’t try to experiment as it may result into something ugly.
  • Mascara- It gives a curvy form to your lashes and makes your eyes more attractive.
  • Lipstick- Select your shade in whatever you are comfortable with. Go for nude lips or shinny gloss but remember to carry it with style and attitude.
  • Perfume- Pick a perfume that has soft essence because the most important thing is to smell good on your date night.


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